New Student Committee Up and Running

We now have a student committee.

Different people are in charge of different parts of the program.

There are committees for:

  • Activities
  • Exercise
  • Food/ cleaning
  • Media
  • Assistant techie coach

I am the chair of the council, so I run the weekly meetings and make sure things run smoothly.

Each committee has a mentor who oversees it but it is the job of the students to make sure things get done. —Eric, TFL student


Welcome Our New Mentor Brittani Sprunt!

TFL would like to welcome Brittani to our TFL family.

Brittani is a new mentor and we are excited to get to know her better.

She is from South Jordan, Utah and graduated from the best high school ever. (I may be a little biased since that is where I graduated as well!)

Brittani enjoys dancing, cooking and horseback riding.

Her dream vacation would be to cruise the Caribbean.

If she could pick one super power it would be superhuman strength and speed.

Brittani was introduced to her husband by a mutual friend and they have been married for a year and a half.

She and her husband moved down to St. George in August to attend Dixie State University where Brittani is studying Radiology with an emphasis in sonography.  —Kristin, TFL Program Director

Rappelling With Cam

Rappelling With Our TechieForLife Mentor Cam

We were able to go rappelling this week with Cam.

It was a little warm outside, but I had a lot of fun and really started feeling like I was getting better at it.

It was fun cheering on the others trying it for the first time, or even the ones who were more used to it.

I look forward to trying more challenging cliffs. – Amber, TFL Student

TFL Student Internship Update

In the internship, Dylan and I are working for Busybusy as testers in the Quality Assurance department.

We tested out the web-app that tracks time on each employee in a company; mostly for construction companies.

On the first day, I tested the app on the web that’s on beta, and found a bug.

I found another on the next day.

Then I was assigned to do regression testing on an iOS device.

I just document a report on how the app works; like how it creates, update, delete/archive, etc.

From the last days of August to now, it was great.

I’m very well productive, and well steady than my last job.

I get well paid for part time.

I hope I can go full time, and/or be close to my home doing this. – -Dave, TFL student

Feedback lesson

“Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions” -Life Skills

You can often hear the quote “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” around the halls of TFL, a quote which is attributed Ken Blanchard.

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing feedback during some of our life skills classes.

The students have been learning how to give feedback in a positive, constructive way as well as how to receive the feedback.

Feedback can be hard to hear and at time even harder to give.

Giving the students the opportunity to learn and try their hand at this in a safe environment is what we do at TFL.

We have also been learning about team work, personal power and where it comes from, and making decisions.

Each one of these topics is used in everyday life experiences.

From working relationships to relationships in the community and at home, each of us can benefit from increasing our skills in these areas to help live a more fulfilling life. –Kristin, TFL Program Director

TechieForLife T-shirt design contest! Deadline extended!

P1050974 (4)

Put your creative juices to work by helping us in our design contest because we need new t-shirts.

Submissions will be voted on anonymously and a $25 gift card will be awarded to the person with the winning design.

Anyone can enter! Entry due date has been extended to October 9th.

Submit your entry to Debbie Grygla at