Workout Goals

We’ve recently put together a strength and fitness training program that incorporates swimming, cardio, and strength aspects of health. We set and track our goals, and have already noticed some great benefits. One of my favorite effects of the fitness program is seeing confidence grow in the students as they realize they are stronger than they think.

— Cam

Coding Class 1

We finished learning Django a framework for building web apps.  We were able to build a poll app where you can post questions with multiple choice answers and see the results.  This was a great experience to combine many of the things we have learned and also to introduce new topics such as databases, networking and common development paradigms such as MVC (Model View Controller).  We also just learned about AJAX for making network requests to get information from a server to display to the user.  We had a choice to use either a Pokemon API or a Star Wars API and they chose to use the Pokemon API so we could get a list of Pokemon and let you click each one to see more information about it. We will now be in the process of prepping for various certificate tests by reviewing things we learned and tying things together. We also have been assigning more difficult homework to challenge them and see where they need the most help.

— Kaden

Ice Skating


We went ice skating at the Cedar City aquatic center. We were there for around an hour and a half. Though it was a bit hard on our ankles, we had a good time. Instead of skating, Dave chose to swim. We all had a good time.

— Dallin

Ice Skating Photo 2Ice Skating Photo 1IceSkating3