Cleaning the animals cemetary

Weekend Trip to Cabin & Volunteering at Animals Sanctuary

During the first weekend in May, TFL had the opportunity to volunteer at an animal shelter called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

This is a place that has a no kill policy and is responsible for over a thousand animals, including horses, pigs, birds, rabbits, dogs and cats.

We got to help in the sanctuary’s animal graveyard, called Angels Rest, and even got to participate in the burial of a rooster that had passed on from old age.

It was an interesting ceremony.


Afterwards, we helped in the dog section of the sanctuary.

There at Dog Town, we weeded a few sections of the place where the dogs live and then we got to play with a couple of them.

The next day we got to clean the cat houses and then more weeding of Dog Town.

I really enjoyed the experience but a couple of the students weren’t so enthusiastic about it. Eh, maybe next time, right?

—Lee, TFL Student

  volunteering at animals shelter

This is a shout out to our students.

This past week I had the opportunity to go with Jason and the students to volunteer at Best Friends sanctuary in Kanab.

While there we were asked to weed and level off some of the dog runs.

Everyone was working hard in the hot sun and it wasn’t long before we called it and the care takers brought out some dogs for us to interact with.

It was then I noticed that Eric and Joseph weren’t with the group yet.

It turns out they were bound and determined to finish off all the weeds in their run, which they did!

Instead of stopping then and there they continued to work and give, which I thought was amazing.

And this was but one specific moment.

There are many times and moments like these with our students day in and day out that make our jobs as mentors worth it.

—Josh, TFL Mentor

While volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the students stayed at Jason’s family cabin.

Some went mountain biking, many participated in target and skeet shooting, ziplining, swinging and of course everyone ate well.

We have a couple grill masters in our presence at TFL.

-Kristen, TFL Program Director



Tour by WIndham

Western Sky Warbird Museum Tour By TFL Student Windham


Windham was able to show the students around and help give the tour of the

Western Sky Warbird Museum…

We were able to go visit the museum where Windham volunteers.

They had a lot of older planes and some of us got to sit in one.

A lot of the pilots had come with their own fighter jets to the show. —Amber, TFL student


Best Friends Animal Sanctuary


Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

best friends 3

On Wednesday the 23rd of August we went and volunteered at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab.

There after a brief orientation we went up to Angel’s Rest where one of their pet cemetery is located.


Best Friends in Kanab has over 6,000 buried animals with named grave markers.

People who’s pets have been buried there leave pebbles on the grave stones signifying a visitation to the pets grave.

Sometimes they leave specific trinkets for deceased animals.

When we were there at Angel’s Rest we helped pick weeds around the graves and replace any pebbles or items that might have been pushed off of the markers by weather.

While we were still up at Angel’s Rest we went to see a tree that had been recently struck by lightning and paid a visited to the Labyrinth which was a formation of stones setup to create a maze.

We would’ve gone through the maze but it was time for lunch.

We decided to go back into Kanab to grab something to eat.

Once we were back from Kanab we went and watched an orientation video about the sanctuaries pigs, goats and horses.

We then traveled over to Piggy Paradise where we took a short break to pet the pigs.

After the break we were tasked with picking weeds along the path in front of the pigs enclosure.

After finishing that task it was time to travel over to the goat enclosure to meet the sanctuaries goats.

When we were done visiting with the goats it was time to leave for St. George.

One thing I learned on this trip was that the sanctuary has over 1,600 pet profiles on their website just for animals available for adoption at the Kanab Rescue.

Around 85 percent of the animals at the Kanab Rescue are currently available for adoption. – Windham, TFL student

best friends