Life Skills Class- How To Get A Life…And Feel Amazing!

Life Skills Class-Feel

In our Thursday Life Skills class, we’ve been focusing quite a bit on feelings.

  1. WHAT IS A FEELING?- A feeling is a chemical reaction in our brains that sends a vibration to our bodies. Sometimes the brain creates a chemical that feels good and sometimes it send one that doesn’t feel very good. For example, a nervous feeling is often described as a feeling of butterflies in our stomach or as sweaty palms. It’s important to remember that a feeling can never actually hurt us.
  2. AUTO/PILOT- Our brains like to be efficient. They like things to be familiar because it saves energy. It also gives our brains a sense that it can predict the future, have more control and be safe. For example, when we drive the same path to work we don’t have to think very much about it, but when we go a different unfamiliar way we have to concentrate and our brains don’t know what to expect.
  3. CONTROLLING THE EXTERNAL WORLD- Many of us try to feel better by controlling our circumstances that are often completely out of our control. Our brain naturally wants our outside circumstances to change so it doesn’t have to change.
  4. FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE- To create a life we want we must get out of our efficient brain mode and be willing to feel uncomfortable, awkward, nervous, afraid, etc.
  5. FEEL AMAZING- To feel amazing we must be willing to feel uncomfortable long enough to create new brain pathways or new “coding” until that is the new norm and the new comfortable.

True fulfillment and confidence comes from overcoming challenges, learning and progressing.

We can stay miserably comfortable or we can step into the discomfort to progress.

Our ability to grow and develop is directly proportional to our willingness to feel uncomfortable.

—Debbie, TFL Admissions & Marketing Director