TFL Life Skills Class- Conflict Is Like An Iceberg


is like an iceberg,

often we only see the ANGER and BLAME that follow,

the smallest portion of the iceberg.

These two emotions are usually the most visible elements in conflict.

Most often the picture can be much more complicated.

As emotions and behaviors become more heated, conflicts can become more intense. 

Here are some key points we discussed in one of our life skill classes:

  • In conflict, we don’t necessarily oppose the other person.  Rather, we oppose something that was said or done and then have an emotional reaction to it.
  • Our emotional reactions are ours; only we can own them and only we deal with them.
  • We have the power to deal with our emotions and behaviors in a conflict.
  • We have the power to get control of our emotions before a conflict escalates.

Once we understand what the underlying feelings are that led to the conflict we can work towards resolving it in a constructive manner.  –Kristin TFL Program Director

Activity exercising

Exercise/Activity Committee Keeping Up the Fun

The student committee that I work with is the exercise and activity committee.

Lee and Wesley are on this committee, and have been doing a good job of keeping up on their assignments.

Their job is to make sure that we have activities planned every Saturday.

Each month they plan two activities that can be physically exerting, such as a hike, or rappelling.

They also plan two activities that are more geared toward just something that is fun, such as laser tag, or miniature golf.

They coordinate with all the students’ interests and plan the activities.

All I do is help them when they need it.

We’ve been enjoying regular activities that have been both fun and challenging, and the students are doing a great job of planning them. —Cam, TFL Mentor

Feedback lesson

“Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions” -Life Skills

You can often hear the quote “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” around the halls of TFL, a quote which is attributed Ken Blanchard.

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing feedback during some of our life skills classes.

The students have been learning how to give feedback in a positive, constructive way as well as how to receive the feedback.

Feedback can be hard to hear and at time even harder to give.

Giving the students the opportunity to learn and try their hand at this in a safe environment is what we do at TFL.

We have also been learning about team work, personal power and where it comes from, and making decisions.

Each one of these topics is used in everyday life experiences.

From working relationships to relationships in the community and at home, each of us can benefit from increasing our skills in these areas to help live a more fulfilling life. –Kristin, TFL Program Director