semester starting up

Semester Classes Started Again… It’s Getting Busy Around Here

Classes have started once again at TFL, and it is getting busy around here.

Since the beginning of August, we have had three new students, one student graduate the program, and we just completed our annual Moab River trip.

This semester is going to be challenging but we are up for it!

In addition to our students who are taking classes at TFL, we also have three students who will be taking classes at DSU this semester.

Another student is still very involved in his apprenticeship gun smithing, and two additional students just begun or will be starting their apprenticeships this next week at GlitchBusters and BusyBusy.

As always, we are very proud of all of our students and the support we receive from parents, guardians, our mentors, and Educational Consultants.

TechieForLife wouldn’t be the same without each of you!

—Kristin, Program Director

Exciting Things

Exciting things are happening at TFL!  Our partnership with Dixie State University is growing as we move forward in sponsoring a room at the new TIES community center opening in a few months just off of DSU campus.  We will host a space for neuro A-typicals interested in tech as well as support a “teamwork and communication” area.  The most brilliant tech minds fail without the ability to work with others.  There will be “kits” that groups can check out to learn how to work as a team, coordinate and move as one “group-unit”.  We will provide a familiar and safe space for those who have all different types of brains; those with more pronounced strengths and weaknesses.  We look forward to sharing more information as it progresses!  The Ties Center should be opening in the next few months.

— Jason