Go-Karting fun

Go-Karting Fun with fellow students…

Go-karts at Fiesta Fun

Go Karting is fun, it’s always a fun time.

My competitiveness kicks in every time I get on the track and every time I lose, I am always re-motivated to keep losing weight so my go kart will go faster and I will one day beat my friends here at TechieForLife.

-Carlos, TFL student

Rocky obstacles and pools of water

Red Cliffs Hike With Rocky Obstacles and Pools of Water


We had a great time out at the Red Cliffs hike recently.

There was a lot of runoff, which created some beautiful clear pools of cold water that only
Grady dared swim in.

Amber, Dylan and I hiked in further while the rest hung out at the first pool.

We had to pass a rocky obstacle using some rope to avoid falling into the pool of water below.

It was kinda tricky, and a lot of fun.

—Cam, TFL Mentor

Hiking at Snow Canyon Lava Tubes

Hiking in Snow Canyon’s Lava Tubes With Flashlights

In a place called Snow Canyon, near St George, there is a really cool hike that takes you to some lava

This is the hike we went on at some point in March.

The tubes are set into the ground(of course) and go pretty deep into the earth.

If you want to explore them, you do need a flashlight and a good sense of where you are because,

according to some people, they go in all sorts of directions.

I don’t really  if that is true, but it keeps me from hiking too deep into the caves formed by the tubes.

–Lee, TFL student

New rock climber

A New Rock Climber Born…

Cambron often takes some of the students, especially Dallin, rock climbing.

They encouraged me to come along and try it, and

even though I was hesitant,

I decided to take them up on the offer a few weeks ago.

It was a little scary at first, but it was pretty fun.

It’s a great way to exercise, and it gave me a significant feeling of accomplishment when I got to the top of the climb.

I’ll definitely try it again. 

—Joseph, TFL student


TechieForLife Students Fun At Corn Maze For Halloween

Halloween at the corn maze!!

It doesn’t get better then this!

A group of us went to the haunted corn maze for Halloween and got our pants SCARED off!!!

It was so much fun walking through the corn maze as each of us got scared at different points!

We walked through parts that made a dizzy, crawl on our hands and knees but in the end we all made it out laughing and having a good time! 🙂  —Brittani, TFL Mentor

Wildlife Museum

TechieForLife Students Visit The Wildlife Museum

TechieForLife students plan their activities…

Recently, we took a trip to the local wildlife museum.

It consisted mainly of themed exhibits featuring taxidermied animals in lifelike mock-ups of their habitats.

Since Cam brought his kids with us, I mainly spent the time showing his baby son the various exhibits.

Notably, they had a children’s room that included a taxidermied polar bear that you were free to touch.

Overall, I would recommend the place for visiting families and their kids.  —Dylan, TFL student