TFL Student Internship Update

In the internship, Dylan and I are working for Busybusy as testers in the Quality Assurance department.

We tested out the web-app that tracks time on each employee in a company; mostly for construction companies.

On the first day, I tested the app on the web that’s on beta, and found a bug.

I found another on the next day.

Then I was assigned to do regression testing on an iOS device.

I just document a report on how the app works; like how it creates, update, delete/archive, etc.

From the last days of August to now, it was great.

I’m very well productive, and well steady than my last job.

I get well paid for part time.

I hope I can go full time, and/or be close to my home doing this. – -Dave, TFL student

Feedback lesson

“Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions” -Life Skills

You can often hear the quote “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” around the halls of TFL, a quote which is attributed Ken Blanchard.

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing feedback during some of our life skills classes.

The students have been learning how to give feedback in a positive, constructive way as well as how to receive the feedback.

Feedback can be hard to hear and at time even harder to give.

Giving the students the opportunity to learn and try their hand at this in a safe environment is what we do at TFL.

We have also been learning about team work, personal power and where it comes from, and making decisions.

Each one of these topics is used in everyday life experiences.

From working relationships to relationships in the community and at home, each of us can benefit from increasing our skills in these areas to help live a more fulfilling life. –Kristin, TFL Program Director