Experience Kanarra Creek

Experience Kanarra Creek Through Our Student’s Eyes

Kanarra creek is an invitation to witness the wonders of creation.

Carved into the red rock of the desert mesa, one cannot help but intuit they stand in the narrow aisle of a vast house of worship.

Beneath your feet run the baptismal waters of the creek itself, above your head for tens of feet is the twisting walls of the canyon, carved into creamy undulations and myriad pockets, dips, nooks, and crannies.

All around you are parishioners of every shape and size.

Humans from all over flock to hear the water’s gospel, and trees hand out green pamphlets that tickle as you walk past the crowds of shade trees.

If can approach with an open heart and open mind it’s not just a short day hike, it’s an experience.

— Grady, TFL Student

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horeseback riding

Horseback Riding- Student Overnight Trip

A few weeks ago we went on a horseback riding trip.

It was a really fun trip.

We got to see some interesting things including dinosaur tracks and coyote jawbones.

It got really cold at night, however, which was pretty rough.

I learned a lot about horses and would love to do it again sometime, minus the sleeping on the ground in the cold.

— Joseph, TFL Student

Thanks, Justin, at Old West Outfitters for providing such an amazing experience for our students!

horeseback riding