Car and Bike Maintenance

We went out and learned how to check the oil, tire pressure and how to jump a battery.

I knew how to do most of it but when you don’t do it often you kind of forget so it was a good review. -Nick, TFL student

Understanding credit cards

Life Skills Class With Kristin, Topic- Credit Cards

In one of our recent life skills classes we discussed credit cards.

Credit cards can have benefits if used successfully without getting into financial difficulty, but…

it requires good management and good understanding of how credit cards work.

We were able to discuss credit card terminology,

the pros and cons of credit cards,

how minimum payments are calculated,

how paying only the minimum payment will result in maximum cost,

we also covered how credit scores are calculated and credit score ratings.

It was interesting to see how much prior knowledge the students had – or in most cases – did not have regarding credit scores and credit cards.

–Kristin, Program Director


TFL Life Skills Class- Conflict Is Like An Iceberg


is like an iceberg,

often we only see the ANGER and BLAME that follow,

the smallest portion of the iceberg.

These two emotions are usually the most visible elements in conflict.

Most often the picture can be much more complicated.

As emotions and behaviors become more heated, conflicts can become more intense. 

Here are some key points we discussed in one of our life skill classes:

  • In conflict, we don’t necessarily oppose the other person.  Rather, we oppose something that was said or done and then have an emotional reaction to it.
  • Our emotional reactions are ours; only we can own them and only we deal with them.
  • We have the power to deal with our emotions and behaviors in a conflict.
  • We have the power to get control of our emotions before a conflict escalates.

Once we understand what the underlying feelings are that led to the conflict we can work towards resolving it in a constructive manner.  –Kristin TFL Program Director