Outing at cabin

Weekend Cabin Outing With TechieForLife Students

On Sunday, 8 October, Mr. Grygla took several Techie-for-Life students on a weekend outing to his family cabin and ranch in the Utah wilderness.

The central event of this trip was a meeting to vote on phase advancement for two students (both were approved unanimously), though Mr. Grygla made sure that there were plenty of other things to do over the weekend.

We began by visiting the Coral Pink Sand Dunes state park, where we raced at sliding down the dunes (the sand is made almost of pure quartz, and is very clean to roll around in, not unpleasant at all).

We next visited the sand cave belonging to a friend of Jason’s, where striated bands of color covered the walls of the cave; by carefully choosing soft spots and scraping the sand into sacks, we could bring home a rainbow of pure hues.

At the cabin itself, we cooked tinfoil dinners of beef, potatoes, and onions on the coals of a campfire, though we retreated indoors to eat after a the winds picked up.

By morning, however, the weather had become pleasant again, and Mr. Grygla taught several students how to strip the bark from a felled red juniper using hand tools, in order to make the columns for the basement of his parents’ nearby cabin, which is still under construction.

All in all, we had a very pleasant time at the cabin, and the mountains in which it is set, along with our drive through Zion Canyon on the return voyage, was a reminder of just how unique and wonderful a place the Southern Utah wilderness can be. –Wesley, TFL Student

cabin forest (2)
sand dune (2)