Racing Cars

TFL Students Travel To Nevada For Car Racing Event

Down below in Nevada, the group traveled to the racing center.

Before that, we went to a local pizzeria, and got a huge slice of pizza.

I did get burned from the cheese and sauce on my wrist.

Later, we returned back to the center and saw the drag racing cars on the strip.

Those cars were beautiful, loud and fast.

But we were supposed to be at a racetrack we didn’t found until we got there.

It’s called the Bullring.

We saw modified cars, midget cars, and stock cars racing around the ring on every certain laps.

There were a few accidents that the laps were placed on hold until the paced car exits, and get the green flag out.

I don’t know what everyone’s reaction when we were there, but I had fun from what I saw, and
hope I be in that action.
–Dave, TFL Student

Lee at his firs dance competition at DSU

TFL Student’s Experience Taking A Social Dance Class At DSU

This semester, I had the experience to attend a social dance class at Dixie State University with Eric.

It was a lot of fun.

I learned how to waltz, I learned the salsa and I learned to tango.

I have wanted to learn to dance for a very long time but I didn’t believe I was good enough to actually learn anything.

Lo and behold, I am better than I thought I would be.

I got the steps rather quickly and had tons of fun. I even got to perform.


One of the performances was actually a competition and counted as the final in the class.

The second performance was just a showcase for the different dance classes that DSU offered.

I had so much fun that I signed up for the next semester of the class where I will be learning three new dances.

Yay me!

I finally get to live my dream. 

–Lee, TFL Student

Social Dance competition at DSU
Social Dance Class at DSU
Code Camp

TFL Students Compete At Southern Utah Code Camp #bringyourgenius

For those who don’t know, Code Camp is an event held in St. George, Utah, in which programmers and designers work for 24 hours on a small project.

After the event is over, the projects are judged.

For my project, I worked with Eric Ostrom on integrating busybusy’s time keeping API (where I work) with Slack, which is a very popular chat client.

This allows you to clock in and out, where the data is used later to determine payroll, total hours worked, etc.

To be clear, most of the logic has been worked on by busybusy; we just connected to it.

Overall the project worked, but there were quite a few kinks due to Slack’s API being total crap.

But we had fun and were able to continuously program for 21 hours, so I’m satisfied.

–Dylan, TFL student

TFL students compete at Southern Utah Code Camp 2017
TFL students at Southern Utah Code Camp 2017
Southern Utah Code Camp 2017
TFL Students at Southern Utah Code Camp
Joseph at Southern Utah Code Camp
TFL competes at Code Camp 2017
TFL student Amber at Southern Utah Code Camp 2017
Southern Utah Code Camp 2017
Getting out of comfort zone.

Mentor Moment- Watching Students Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

As a mentor I really enjoy the opportunities to watch the students step out of their comfort zone and do things they’ve never done before.

I have countless opportunities to give advice and feedback to the students in many areas such as social ballroom dance, dating, talking about their feelings, being an advocate for themselves, etc.

The one thing I always tell the students is, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” and many of the students have told me how true this statement is.

As they look back on things that challenged them the most, they seem to always end up being the most rewarding and that’s what life is all about.

Being slightly uncomfortable, whether or not by choice, can push us to achieve goals we never thought we could.

—Brittani, TFL Mentor

Life Skills Class-Feel

Life Skills Class- How To Get A Life…And Feel Amazing!

In our Thursday Life Skills class, we’ve been focusing quite a bit on feelings.

  1. WHAT IS A FEELING?- A feeling is a chemical reaction in our brains that sends a vibration to our bodies. Sometimes the brain creates a chemical that feels good and sometimes it send one that doesn’t feel very good. For example, a nervous feeling is often described as a feeling of butterflies in our stomach or as sweaty palms. It’s important to remember that a feeling can never actually hurt us.
  2. AUTO/PILOT- Our brains like to be efficient. They like things to be familiar because it saves energy. It also gives our brains a sense that it can predict the future, have more control and be safe. For example, when we drive the same path to work we don’t have to think very much about it, but when we go a different unfamiliar way we have to concentrate and our brains don’t know what to expect.
  3. CONTROLLING THE EXTERNAL WORLD- Many of us try to feel better by controlling our circumstances that are often completely out of our control. Our brain naturally wants our outside circumstances to change so it doesn’t have to change.
  4. FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE- To create a life we want we must get out of our efficient brain mode and be willing to feel uncomfortable, awkward, nervous, afraid, etc.
  5. FEEL AMAZING- To feel amazing we must be willing to feel uncomfortable long enough to create new brain pathways or new “coding” until that is the new norm and the new comfortable.

True fulfillment and confidence comes from overcoming challenges, learning and progressing.

We can stay miserably comfortable or we can step into the discomfort to progress.

Our ability to grow and develop is directly proportional to our willingness to feel uncomfortable.

—Debbie, TFL Admissions & Marketing Director

Horseback Riding

TFL Student Overnight Trip- Horseback Riding

A few weeks ago we went on a horseback riding trip.

It was a really fun trip.

We got to see some interesting things including dinosaur tracks and coyote jawbones.

It got really cold at night, however, which was pretty rough.

I learned a lot about horses and would love to do it again sometime, minus the sleeping on the ground in the cold.

— Joseph, TFL Student

Thanks, Justin, at Old West Outfitters for providing such an amazing experience for our students!


Horseback riding trip
TFL Students on horseback riding trip
Horseback riding finding dinosaur tracks
Horseback riding