Mentors connecting with students

Mentoring Moments- Connecting And Being There For Each Other

We’ve had some great connecting moments these last couple weeks.

All of our students deal with different things, and the greatest thing about mentoring here at TechieForLife (TFL) is that most of the students are able to open up to the mentors about their challenges.

We really start seeing progress as students share their individual personal loads.

For example, one of our students deals with anxiety quite a bit. He’s been really open with the mentors, and we’ve had some success showing him that as a whole, the students and staff here at TFL are committed to consistently and dependably being there for each other.

As a mentor I’ve really enjoyed one on one conversations about progress and needs for improvement with students over dinner or lunch.

I think this provides a great opportunity for us to get away from the program for a minute and just talk in a relaxed, informal environment. –Cambron TFL Mentor

New Student

Welcome To Our New Student Joseph From California!

TechieForLife welcomes our new student…

From California,


graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Game Development.

He hopes to one day be a game designer.

He is passionate about:

  • Music
  • Politics (he has sparked many a lively, yet civil discussion)
  • Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup)

Gaming is his big hobby and while World of Warcraft is his all-time favorite, Joseph is really into Overwatch and Heros of the Storm, lately.

When asked about coming to TFL Joseph said, “I like it and feel comfortable here.”

Joseph has a kind heart and a great sense of humor!

We’re glad to have him apart of our TFL family. —Debbie, TFL Admissions Director

Tour by WIndham

Western Sky Warbird Museum Tour By TFL Student Windham


Windham was able to show the students around and help give the tour of the

Western Sky Warbird Museum…

We were able to go visit the museum where Windham volunteers.

They had a lot of older planes and some of us got to sit in one.

A lot of the pilots had come with their own fighter jets to the show. —Amber, TFL student


TFL Students Visit A Family Petting Zoo

TFL went to Josh’s fiancés families petting zoo on Saturday, September 30th.

There at the petting zoo they had a large variety of different animals to interact with.

They had a miniature horse, donkey, miniature cows, chickens, baby chicks, bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, ferrets,  dogs, cats and even a hedgehog.

Some of the students even got to milk one of the cows.

My favorite animal at the petting zoo happened to be the CATS that were roaming around the farm.


Activity exercising

Exercise/Activity Committee Keeping Up the Fun

The student committee that I work with is the exercise and activity committee.

Lee and Wesley are on this committee, and have been doing a good job of keeping up on their assignments.

Their job is to make sure that we have activities planned every Saturday.

Each month they plan two activities that can be physically exerting, such as a hike, or rappelling.

They also plan two activities that are more geared toward just something that is fun, such as laser tag, or miniature golf.

They coordinate with all the students’ interests and plan the activities.

All I do is help them when they need it.

We’ve been enjoying regular activities that have been both fun and challenging, and the students are doing a great job of planning them. —Cam, TFL Mentor

Outing at cabin

Weekend Cabin Outing With TechieForLife Students

On Sunday, 8 October, Mr. Grygla took several Techie-for-Life students on a weekend outing to his family cabin and ranch in the Utah wilderness.

The central event of this trip was a meeting to vote on phase advancement for two students (both were approved unanimously), though Mr. Grygla made sure that there were plenty of other things to do over the weekend.

We began by visiting the Coral Pink Sand Dunes state park, where we raced at sliding down the dunes (the sand is made almost of pure quartz, and is very clean to roll around in, not unpleasant at all).

We next visited the sand cave belonging to a friend of Jason’s, where striated bands of color covered the walls of the cave; by carefully choosing soft spots and scraping the sand into sacks, we could bring home a rainbow of pure hues.

At the cabin itself, we cooked tinfoil dinners of beef, potatoes, and onions on the coals of a campfire, though we retreated indoors to eat after a the winds picked up.

By morning, however, the weather had become pleasant again, and Mr. Grygla taught several students how to strip the bark from a felled red juniper using hand tools, in order to make the columns for the basement of his parents’ nearby cabin, which is still under construction.

All in all, we had a very pleasant time at the cabin, and the mountains in which it is set, along with our drive through Zion Canyon on the return voyage, was a reminder of just how unique and wonderful a place the Southern Utah wilderness can be. –Wesley, TFL Student

cabin forest (2)
sand dune (2)