Wood working

Trying Out Wood Working

“For Life skills today we did woodworking. It took a series of a few days. We put a lot time and effort into cutting the wood, gluing the box together,  sanding the box making sure it was all soft and even, and then I oiled the boxed to finish it up. It was a fun activity because it was something different then my usual schedule.”

                 -Brian A., TFL student

Learning marketable tech skills

Tech Class Coaches Update For January- Developing Useful Skills

The students have been working really hard and I’m really happy with how each student is progressing and developing very useful skills in the world of programming.

We’ve had a fun week getting ready for the NATSAP Conference in Florida.

We’ve had two late night coding sessions trying to get some features done and getting the NATSAP Connect app ready for the conference. ​

Everyone that has helped is getting some really great real world experience in software development.

—Erik, Lead Tech Coach


Our class is busy learning more about JavaScript programming.

Those involved have worked hard and learned a great deal.

Congratulations to Lee for completing the course Intro to JavaScript: Drawing and Animation!

Kyler is moving quickly through the same course and has created very cool spin-offs.

—Joe, Tech Coach

TFL Students Visit A Family Petting Zoo

TFL went to Josh’s fiancés families petting zoo on Saturday, September 30th.

There at the petting zoo they had a large variety of different animals to interact with.

They had a miniature horse, donkey, miniature cows, chickens, baby chicks, bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, ferrets,  dogs, cats and even a hedgehog.

Some of the students even got to milk one of the cows.

My favorite animal at the petting zoo happened to be the CATS that were roaming around the farm.



River Rafting with Our Techie For Life Students

In August, we took a trip to the Colorado River around Moab on a river rafting trip.

During the day, we would row down the river and then return to camp by evening.

Jason brought his wife and girls over, so it was like having extended family over.

We spent our time on the river on “duckies” and rafts moving lazily along interspersed with light rapids.

Some of us decided to swim along as well.

After a few hours on the river, we would return to camp where we would have dinner and hang around the campsite.

This was a nice, intimate experience where we got to know each other better.

Overall, everyone had fun on the trip, and we may do it again in the future. — Dylan, TFL student